Balletstudio Flexible

   Balletstudio Flexible is definately shut from July 1st of 2019

  Joke Zijlstra: former soloist at the "Nederlands Danstheater" When she reached the
                        age at which dancers have to leave the company she continued for a while at
                        the "Rotterdamse Dansgroep".
  She hopes to start her jazz/modern classes again in Delft in January. Location is nog
  known yet.

  Sylvia Jessen: After the "Koninklijk Conservatorium" in The Hague she went to the Royal
                         Ballet Shool in London. Unfortunately a bicicle accident finished her dreams.
                         After surgery of the ancle she studied fysiotherapy and now combines the two
                         On Tuesday evenings she continues teaching in Buurthuis Voorhof at  
                         Herman Gorterhof 165 in Delft.

   Iene Berwres: She followed the "Rotterdamse Dansacacemie", gave several workshops and
                          taught classes at Balletstudio Flexible for a couple of years in different
                          On Thursday evenings she teaches in Buurthuis Voorhof

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